Video Production Manager. Video Producer. Video Editor. VFX artist, SFX editor, Social Media Manager and many more

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What do I do?

I supervise the physical and creative aspects of the video production, including personnel, technology, budget, and scheduling. I managed 40+ crew members on international locations like Paris, Amsterdam, San Francisco, London, Las Vegas and many more.
I am responsible for assembling the various shots into coherent videos, I make creative video editing decisions in the post-production of video production, and the addition of accompanying sound effects and music to ultimately create a finished video.

Career path (just to name a few):

Sony Pictures Television International – Writer/Promo Producer (Head of Animax)

Youtube Nation – I was a post production consultant in Los Angeles, Youtube HQ

BMW – yes, that BMW, I was a Social Media Manager

Zealot UK – freelancer video editor

Video Game High School season 3. – 1st Assistant Video Editor

UNLEASH – Video Production Manager